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Pongo London Apron Stripe Classic White

 18.95  13.50


  • Classic 6″ cuff
  • Technical mesh for added breathability
  • Anti twist + compression band
  • Superior needle count for quality and durability
  • Made in Italy

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Pongo London Apron Stripe Classic White

The Apron Stripe, inspired by the lines that mask the infield of the track. Look closely and you start to see a pattern emerge. The Apron is the flat area between the infield and the track within the velodrome. This area is where you will start to ride before progressing onto the boards and is often painted concrete.

There are three subsequent sections on the infield marked by different coloured lines. The cote d’azur, the light blue painted boards followed by a black, red and blue line. Each line is separated be an ever increasing distance.


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