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Pacific and Co Watermelon Socks


  • Airflow Technology mesh designed for a maximum ventilation.
  • Leg + welt height of closer to 6″
  • Extra Cushion More protection against impacts.
  • Shock-absorber suction at toe & heel for a complete comfy experience.
  • Airchband support offers mid-foot stability for a better fit. Prevents sliding moves during activity. Located in the arch of the foot, it also provides for venous return and recovery.
  • Material: 93% Polyamide 7% Lycra

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Pacific and Co Watermelon Socks

Talking about watermelons means thinking about summer vibes and freshness. The red passion of its interior attracts us to the point of savoring the last nugget. We pay tribute to this fruit that gives us so much joy to our palate.


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