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HIRZL is a Swiss company dedicated to designing and producing gloves for various sports. HIRZL is different because focusing exclusively on gloves. HIRZL’s philosophy is based on a deep belief that gloves are an essential part of the material for different sports. When gloves are used during sport, they become the only link between the hands of the athlete and their material. HIRZL’s focus is on developing the most advanced technology to develop gloves that make the human hand even better. The HIRZL gloves improve, protect and not only provide excellent performance; They are really developed with a specific sport in mind. So also for cycling HIRZL provides “the ultimate glove experience” The difference? Invincible and ultimate grip in dry, wet and humid weather conditions. The secret? The combination of HIRZL GRIPPP technology, kangaroo leather and quality, which does not break and lacks functionality. Even in extreme use.

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